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Skyrim: Spanked by Ulfric
by KajiraGames (M/F spanking, D/s)

[This Skyrim fanfic has been edited, since the original final scene breaks the DeviantArt rules in too many ways.]

Ilse lived in a perpetual state of 'glad to be alive'. After escaping death by chopping block and by dragon, she drove Ralof of the Stormcloak resistance mad all the way to Riverwood - skipping ahead to pick the mountain flowers, chasing butterflies, and chattering non-stop. At the Three Sentinel stones she took an age to make up her mind which one to touch. When Ralof ran out of patience and continued his journey along the river, she called him a "grumpy old bear's-breath". Even when wolves attacked them and Ilse put an arrow through one of them, she kept teasing Ralof for his seriousness and telling him to 'lighten up'.

Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun was similarly irritated by her frivolous remarks and short attention span. He couldn't wait to dispatch Ilse to High Hrothgar. She chose instead to explore the Reach, where her skills of stealth and bow were not to be trifled with. She replaced her stormcloak cuirass with gear she took from a defeated Forsworn woman. The skimpy furs required all her Nordic cold-resistance to wear, but it looked good, which was all Ilse cared about.

Remembering Ralof's suggestion that she join the Stormcloaks, she allowed her travels to take her to Windhelm and the Palace of the Kings. As she entered the spacious stone hall, Ilse heard a booming bass voice echoing around its walls, saying "He's a true Nord. He'll come around."

As she passed the long banqueting table, Ilse recognized Ulfric Stormcloak. Familiar from the cart to Helgen were his brown hair, short beard, strong-looking hands, and his grim demeanour. Galmar Stone-Fist was urging him to attack Whiterun and kill Jarl Balgruuf. Ulfric replied "Taking his city and leaving him in disgrace would make a more powerful statement, don't you think?"

Ilse interrupted brazenly: "Yes, especially if you hang him in a cage. In front of that snotty guard captain, Irileth, would humiliate him best".

Ulfric frowned. "Only the foolish or the courageous approach a Jarl without summons. Do I know you?"

"Don't you remember me?" she pouted. "We took a scenic ride together on the road to Helgen. You didn't say much." Ilse grinned at him.

The taciturn Jarl merely raised an eyebrow. "Ah yes! Destined for the chopping block if I'm not mistaken."

"They did try to cut my hair the hard way. But here I am in one piece." Ilse tried to ingratiate herself. She really didn't give a skeever's tail for politics, but she said "I want to fight against that mean old Empire. So I came a long way to find you."

"A fair point" rumbled Ulfric, and continued in his clipped, brusque sentences. "Well you've come to the right place then. Speak with Galmar. I'm always looking for able fighters. Not everyone can say they made it out of Helgen. Seems we're all branded villains these days. So long as your criminal past stays in the past, and you fight for me with honour and integrity, we'll welcome you into our ranks."

Ilse didn't want to speak with Galmar. Ulfric's voice seemed to be creating vibrations in her stomach - and lower down. She watched his large hands soar the air, gesturing as he continued his argument with Galmar: "Torygg was merely a message to the other Jarls."

Once again, Ilse butted in. "And that widow of his is so skinny! I bet she used to get lost in a wrinkle in the sheets, and Torygg couldn't find her until morning."

"I said talk to Galmar!" Ulfric turned her around to face Galmar and gave her one swat with his right hand on the seat of her Forsworn 'bikini' bottoms. The impact of it sent an electric thrill right through her body. For the first time in her life Ilse was stunned into silence, not by pain, but in wonder - and a craving for more.

She only half-heard Galmar telling her to kill an ice-wraith to the far north. She nodded and began to walk, a little unsteadily, towards the outer doors. She heard Ulfric's voice raised in passionate fervor: "I fight for the men I've held in my arms!"

Ilse felt a great desire to be one of those 'men'.

It was a long trek to the Serpent Stone, and it took many arrows and a lot of dodging to take down the ice wraith. When Ilse returned to Windhelm, she found Ulfric once again engaged in serious debate with his lieutenant.

She willingly took the Oath, swearing loyalty to Ulfric. But she refused the armor she was offered. It was crude and bulky, and didn't show off her generous Nordic curves as her Forsworn clothing did. And that was a priority right now, in front of Ulfric.

"Many brave shield-maidens have worn that armor" said Ulfric reprovingly. "But I suppose you're a stealth warrior, aren't you." It wasn't really a question, and Ulfric resumed discussing a jagged crown with Galmar. "I'll send the unblooded here with you" he said, almost dismissively.

Ilse felt a little miffed. "Always business" she thought, "doesn't he ever relax? He's obviously as brave as a mountain lion, and cares about his people, but: Why... so... serious?" She became determined to make Ulfric smile.

When Ulfric raged against Queen Elisif handing over Skyrim to the Imperials, Ilse interjected "I hear she spends every evening sucking General Tullius's dick".

Ulfric didn't laugh. Aggravated, he asked "Why are you still here? You're supposed to be at Korvanjund, proving Galmar right, or proving him wrong."

"Why does Galmar wear that bear on his head?" asked Ilse innocently. "Isn't he hairy enough?"

Something seemed to snap in Ulfric. He grabbed her by the back of her neck, dragged her the few steps to the throne and sat down on it. Ilse squealed, and Galmar, who was not quite out the great doors, returned to see what was happening. Jorleif the steward, Wuunferth the mage and others in the hall also stepped closer as Ulfric pulled Ilse struggling (but not too hard) over his knees.

Ulfric removed the steel bracer from his right wrist, and then pulled Ilse's fur bottoms roughly down to her knees. Ilse felt him get a hold on her beige underwear, and begged "No!". Why did this have to be in front of other people? The idea of Ulfric taking her pants down, for one purpose or another, had helped keep her warm during the long journey north. But having her bottom bared in front of the whole court of Windhelm was more than she had bargained for.

Ilse's undies joined the brief Forsworn fur at her knees, and a massive stinging slap hit her bare cheeks and made her yell. Ulfric's hand covered a LOT of her bottom, and left a large red patch behind. Another smack followed quickly and produced an "Owww!" that echoed through the hall. Even servants began to appear from other chambers to watch the spectacle.

As the hard slaps continued, Ilse felt torn. This was hurting, more than she expected, but the stinging was creating the strangest secondary sensations: the feeling she was about to sneeze; a fear/thrill at how easily she had been up-ended onto his lap, and at being so completely controlled; and then desire! She felt her nipples harden against her fur halter. And the pleasure in her pussy seemed to meet the pain in her bottom and blend with it.

Ulfric's annoyance was also undergoing a change. After the first few punishing smacks, he began to notice the pleasant proportions of the reddening buttocks that were placed across his thighs so invitingly. Ilse's squeals and yelps became endearing - she was a brat, but a cute brat!  And her squirming across his lap couldn't help but have a physical effect on him.

He decided to see if those effects could be magnified. He aimed at the centre of the undercurve of Ilse's cheeks, and spanked her there repeatedly, harder than before. He acheived his desired result, hearing her shriek and plead more loudly, and feeling her gentle squirms become a desperate writhing.

In increased pain and ecstasy, Ilse forgot all about the audience. She abandoned all dignity and released her tears. Ulfric gave her a few more spanks as she cried, then stopped and asked "Have you learnt to be respectful and to keep your place in my court?"

"Yes, my Lord" sniffled Ilse. She genuinely did feel a greater wish to obey Ulfric silently than to joke around with him right now. She felt like the spanked brat she truly was.

Ulfric lifted her to her feet. She stood there, fur bottoms and underwear still around her knees, as if waiting for permission to pull them up. All the courtiers and servants on the eastern side of the hall had a clear view of her pubic bush.

So did Ulfric. He was struck by a uniqueness about this young woman. He had only had dealings with two types of females: warrior women who served him proudly, and whom he respected for their strength and prowess; and serving girls who feared him too much to speak out of turn. He had sometimes spanked the latter for careless service, and they had screamed and cried under his heavy hand. But there was something different in Ilse's movements and voice during her spanking. And she was no weakling - she had defeated an ice-wraith alone - and yet here she was, standing in a state of submissiveness that overrode her modesty.

In a deep but gentle tone, he told her to dress herself and report to Korvanjund. As she obeyed quickly and left the hall he stared after her, intrigued and aroused.

On their return from retreiving the jagged crown, Galmar gave Ulfric a good report of how useful and brave Ilse had been. Ulfric was holding an evening war-council meeting. He thanked her, relieved that she had proven worthy and had stayed safe.

Ilse had not forgotten her determination to make Ulfric smile. "We were attacked by draugr even skinnier than Elisif" she said. Ulfric was secretly amused, not so much at the weak joke, but by the cheerful insolence in how Ilse said it. But he had to stay serious in front of his senior officers, who were as dour as he normally was. "Not now, we have serious matters to discuss", he chided in his deep tones. "There's still the question of Whiterun to decide."

Ilse couldn't care less about Galmar and the other officers, or the table with its silly flags all over it. "Oh, you mean Balgruuf", she wittered on. "He thinks he's so tough, sitting under a dragon's skull. I bet if it fell down in front of him, he'd scream. And that Irileth! The way she coddles him, I wouldn't be surprised to find him sucking on her tit."

One or two of the officers chortled a little, despite themselves. Ulfric suppressed a smile and said evenly "My friends, this conference is in recess." Then like lightning, he grabbed Ilse's wrist. He began to drag her, not towards the throne, but towards the stone steps leading to his private chambers. Ilse gave a show of resistance, her feet skittering on the tile floor as she was pulled along.

In the Jarl's chamber, he sat on the bed and stood Ilse in front of him holding her elbows with both hands, at arm's length. "Despite what you may be thinking" he said, "I HAVE brought you here to punish you".

Ilse switched 'modes' in an instant, from brat to submissive. "Yes, my Lord" she cooed.

"You cannot disrupt councils of war. Now take off your clothing!" Ilse took his command literally. She threw off both halves of her fur 'bikini' and then the pale brown underwear beneath. She stood naked, head bowed and hands by her sides, in front of Ulfric. In unspoken command, Ulfric tapped his thigh, and she stepped to his right and stretched herself as far over his lap as she could manage. Her bare bottom was perfectly placed over his thighs.

With no real anger in him this time, Ulfric began Ilse's spanking more softly. She gasped and moaned. Then as she warmed up, he began harder smacks. Again her squirming lit a fire in him, but it was accompanied by a deeper pleasure - this was a resourceful young woman who had fought well for him, and here she was naked over his knee in full submission.

He began some slow but very hard spanks with his broad hand. "Oww! Sir! Please! Yeow, oww! My Lord!" Tears leaked from Ilse's eyes, but again she was experiencing a release that was as full of emotional and physical pleasure as anything else.

At last, Ulfric stopped spanking, effortlessly turned her over and sat her up, so she was sitting on his lap. Her arms reached for his neck right away and Ulfric hugged her close, some of her tears wiping off onto his shoulder. Then they were enwrapped in a long searching kiss.

His right hand came to her breasts, palming them and pinching her nipples hard enough to make her gasp. Ilse trembled and parted her thighs, inviting him lower.

(Three paragraphs later...)

Afterwards as they clung to each other, he said "I fight for those I hold in my arms". She responded "I will do anything you command, my Jarl, my King!"

And she meant it.


[Not allowed to link to the full version either. Read my profile page and you'll probably guess where it is.]
Skyrim m/f spanking fanfic
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just asking, where can i find the real ending?
KajiraGames Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist, but the links to my stories are broken. I will send you a note if I find anything.
overlordevil Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
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KajiraGames Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I can understand your circumspection on the matter. And unfortunately, DeviantART is a little more ruthless with their banning. (like, for life)

However, these Smut Requests are pretty intense. Was yours in this much detail, or a little less graphic?
KajiraGames Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Less quantity therefore less detail. And I prefer to avoid four-letter words. But the same things were happening. BTW I never went back to animeOTK - they hate 3D art, and that's what all mine is, except for a few real-life personal photos.
xXChibiPandyChanXx Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I hear ya. Using "common" words like that just seems... juvenile, at best.

Well, I guess it's better to be safe than sorry, ja? Although, you could always send the censored part in a note... :iconhinthintplz:
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