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Suki's Sentence: Third Spanking by KajiraGames Suki's Sentence: Third Spanking by KajiraGames
To give her the next court-ordered punishment, Suki decided to go to the teacher she had liked and respected best when she was at school. It was only two years since she had been his pupil. He had been kind and helpful, but never put up with any misbehaviour.

When she went to see him, he read the court documents, and expressed sadness that she had gotten herself in such trouble. "Undo your jeans, and bend over my desk" he said, and Suki obeyed. He then opened a drawer and produced a paddle.

"Oh no, please Sir!" exclaimed Suki when she saw it. The same laws that had introduced spanking for civil offences had toughened up punishments in schools - the paddle had not been used when she was a pupil. She was terrified.

For school punishments, teachers were not permitted to remove any clothing from their charges. But this didn't apply to an 18-year-old suffering a spanking ordered by a judge. The teacher pulled Suki's loosened pants all the way to her ankles, and then did the same with her panties.

At every solid 'thwhack' of the paddle on her bare behind, Suki howled and begged: "Ow! Please sir, not so hard! Owwww!"

"Are you going to drink alcohol in the car again?" demanded the schoolmaster.

"No, no, I promise!" blubbered Suki between sobs. The teacher gave her one more very hard smack with the paddle, producing a new torrent of tears. Then he told her to dress, and filled out the paperwork.
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Brutox5000 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
Come on, teach her the lesson... SPANK HER HARD!!!!
jonathans1992 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013   Photographer
What game is this? please
KajiraGames Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It isn't a game, I made the picture using Daz Studio4.
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